Tissot PRX Rubber Strap

BHD 68.000
by Delugs

Our rubber straps are made to have an integrated fit with the Tissot PRX Powermatic Watches, in both automatic and quartz versions. The flush fit and design of the strap helps to reduce the lug-to-lug size of the PRX, making the watch much more wearable!

These straps are made with FKM rubber, which is considered to be the most superior type of rubber straps that you can get. FKM rubber has high chemical stability and is resistant to aging and weather. Most importantly, it doesn’t attract dust! 

Our Tissot PRX FKM rubber straps come with double knob quick release spring bars! This makes it very easy to change between your bracelet and rubber straps. A double knob quick release spring bar is needed for rubber straps because of the tight integrated fit of the strap, unlike leather straps which have some flex.