Tie Advanced x1 Watch Winder

BHD 990.000

TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder

Kross Studio reveals the next chapter of its Star WarsTM inspired collaboration and presents a new functional collectible, released in a limited series. The studio looked again to Darth Vader’s dark universe to inspire the new TIE Advanced x1 watch winding sculpture.


“You don’t know the power of the dark side”

The functional sculpture is directly inspired by the TIE Advanced x1 starfighter, piloted by Lord Darth Vader himself in the film Star Wars: A New Hope. Darth Vader piloted this distinctive experimental TIE fighter above the first Death Star, using its blaster cannons and his uncanny abilities with the Force to blast Rebel starfighters into glittering fragments. The Advanced x1 had more cockpit capacity than other TIEs, thus catering to the larger-than-average figure of Darth Vader.

A fully operational sculpture

Kross Studio sets its watch winder apart as a fully operational art object, integrating its winding engine into a solid aluminum sculpture. Measuring 20cm long, 28cm wide, and 17cm high, and weighing a total of 4kg, the TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder is machined, hand-finished and assembled in-house. Made of solid black anodized aluminum, this feat attests Kross Studio’s design and manufacturing skills.

Design & functionality

The Star Wars-inspired watch winder harnesses the force of its powerful movement to maintain the mechanism of any automatic mechanical watch placed within the winding capsule.

High technology system

In a clever innovation, the Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1-inspired watch winder sculpture comes equipped with an infrared sensor that detects the presence of a watch, and thereby activates the winder. When no watch is present, the device remains in standby mode to conserve power. The battery life lasts over two years. The watch winder also comes with a Galactic Empire-inspired key to replace the batteries.

A connected collectible

The Bluetooth interface offers the owner access to all its parameters available via a smartphone dedicated application, Kross Watch Winder, available on App Store and Google Play. In this way, the user can define optimal settings for their automatic watch model, fine-tuning the direction of rotation, rotation time, and load control.