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BHD 14,900.000

StarfleetMachine, is the first co-creation between MB&F and L’Épée 1839. It is an intergalactic spaceship-cum-table clock featuring hours and minutes, double retrograde seconds and power reserve indicator.

The central hours and minutes dome bears MB&F’s signature numerals, while the bars on the power reserve indicator are framed by the dome’s supporting hand-finished arc. As the massive 40 days of power runs down, the dome slowly rotates 270°, and rotates back the other way when the clock is wound up. The accompanying radar dish rotates at the same speed as the power reserve indicator.


DISPLAY: Hours and minutes on a central dome featuring MB&F’s signature numerals. 20-second intervals indicated by double retrograde fly-out cannons emanating from central dome

SIZE: Approx. Ø 29 cm, H: approx. 21 cm
Transparent 'biosphere' dome: Ø 31.5 cm / H: 27 cm

POWER RESERVE: The highly visible, superlatively finished in-house movement boasts an exceptional power reserve of 40 days, thanks to the five mainspring barrels (in series for optimal performance)

MATERIAL:Inner C-shaped structure, external C-shaped structure, support arcs and screws: all in stainless steel with transparent "biosphere" glass dome

FINE FINISHING: The movement features superlative fine finishing of the type generally found on the finest wristwatches, including Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sand-blasting, and circular and vertical satin finishing

A crazy work of art/clock/sci-fi object of desire!