Medusa 'Pink'

BHD 11,790.000

The central mass of Medusa is formed by a large transparent dome of hand-blown Murano glass that evokes the bell-shaped body of a mature jellyfish. Two rotating rings, one displaying the hours and the other displaying the minutes, are visible through the dome, and the time is read off a single fixed indicator that extends over the rings. Like a jellyfish glowing in the abyss, Medusa glows in the dark thanks to Super-LumiNova. A movement beats underneath the time indication, forming the pulsating heart of this mechanical creature.

Medusa comes in three limited editions of 50 pieces, each in a different colour – blue, green and pink – chosen to reflect the natural hues of a jellyfish.


  • Hours and minutes


  • L’Epée suspended movement, designed and manufactured in-house
  • Power reserve: 7 days
  • Balance frequency: 2.5 Hz / 18,000 bph
  • 155 components and 23 jewels
  • Incabloc shock protection system
  • Integrated winding key to both set the time and wind the movement (propeller at the bottom of the movement).


  • Dome/tentacles: Murano hand-blown glass
  • Movement and standing base: stainless steel and brass
  • Indexes with Super-LumiNova


  • Hanging position: 286 mm (tall) x 250 mm (diameter)
  • Standing position: 323 mm (tall) x 250 mm (diameter)
  • Components total: 231
  • Weight: approximately 6kg (the exact weight of the hand-blown glass dome varies)