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Max Wilsdorf ChronoPen with Towel

BHD 26.000


  • 30ml Swiss Made watch cleaning solution
  • Soft brush head with extra fine bristles, ideal to access even difficult areas of case and bracelet
  • Ideal for stainless steel, gold, platinum, bronze, carbon fibre, ceramic as well as other parts made of sapphire crystal, diamonds and rubber
  • Does not contain any aggressive chemicals or abrasives
  • Cleans and conditions gently
  • Allows for up to 60 uses


Polishing Towel 

For an optimum result it is key to dry and polish your watch with a clean and dry towel, after using the ChronoPen.

  • Dual-purpose towel, white side for drying and black side for polishing
  • 100% natural cotton, extra thick for maximum absorption
  • 30×30 cm