BHD 260.000

'Flying Whale' (Nahnda Gorae) is a kinetic art sculpture created by artist Sang-yong Lee from Hyunjin Seoul Studio, based in South Korea.

This kinetic art piece crafted in wood, brass and leather represents a humpback whale. Placed delicately on its centre of gravity, set in motion with a slight push of the hand, the whale moves with irregular movements as if it was swimming.

'Flying whale', designed like a humpback whale, stands on its centre of gravity and swims gently thanks to a slight breeze or impulse of the hand. The whale moves in all directions, showing its various sides thanks to its irregular movements. The image of the whale swimming has been represented in a natural way, thanks to the careful adjustment of the weight of the whale's body, wings and fins.

The Artist

After completing a bachelor's and master's degree in woodworking at Hongik University, Sang-yong Lee worked as a furniture designer for about 20 years. He currently teaches at Pusan National University and at Yeungnam University and creates his own craftwork at Hyunjin Seoul, with wood-craftsman Hyunjin Yoon.

"Through the objective correlative, the whale, I projected feelings such as anxiety and longing, created when I was separated from my parents as a child, and through Nahnda Gorae, I tried to represent the utopia that the present self yearns for".


280 X 280 X 380mm

Red pine, walnut, brass and leather
Weight: 650grams