Exellence Le Régulateur Louis Erard x Atelier Oï

BHD 1,550.000

Introducing the Le Régulateur Louis Erard x atelier Oï, an exquisite Swiss watch that elegantly bridges the heritage of traditional watchmaking with avant-garde design. Crafted through a partnership between the revered Swiss watchmaker Louis Erard and the celebrated design studio atelier oï, this timepiece dazzles with a harmonious blend of gold and blue hues, reflecting a shared creativity and passion for innovation.

Born from a quest to materialize the essence of time and space, the watch features a dial artistically engraved with asymmetrical rays that play with light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing visual kinetics with each movement of the wrist. This design philosophy, inspired by the simplicity of a sundial and the dynamic energy of the studio’s founders, symbolizes the convergence of art and precision.

Celebrate the legacy and innovation of Swiss watchmaking with this unique collector’s piece, a testament to the enduring bond and creative spirit of Louis Erard and atelier oï. Perfect for those who appreciate a watch that is both a precision instrument and a statement of design.


The Regulator, a classic of Louis Erard, is reimagined to democratize luxury, making elite Swiss craftsmanship accessible. Each hand on the dial not only tells time but also contributes to a radiant, architectural depth, showcasing the watch as a true piece of art where functionality meets grandeur.