Essentials Kit

BHD 55.000
by Delugs

Introducing our meticulously designed Essentials Kit, the perfect watch tool kit that comes with all the important tools you will need to change your straps and bracelets anywhere easily! Each tool fits perfectly in its place, the custom moulded case travels well with a sleek matte exterior and detachable carrying loop, making it perfect for any watch enthusiast or even as a gift. Each tool kit comes with: 

Strap Multi-Tool: A robust multi-tool with two reversible heads that features four distinct functions (1: 0.8mm push pin, 2: 0.8mm screwdriver, 3: 1.4mm fork, 4: 1.4mm screwdriver). The tool also comes with a keychain loop, making it portable.

Magnification Loupe: Delve into the intricate beauty of your watches with our magnification loupe.

Microfiber Cloth Set: A high-quality microfiber cloth and a matching carry case, both crafted for gentle, effective cleaning.

Wrist Measuring Tool: The wrist measuring tool ensures precise measurement of lug widths and lug-to-lug lengths to let you know which size and width you need.

Link Pin Remover: Adjust your metal bracelets with our non-metal-bodied link pin remover. It's the ideal tool for lengthening or shortening bracelets without fumbling around.


1. Carrying Case
2. Strap Multi-Tool
3. Magnification Loupe
4. Microfiber Cloth Set
5. Link Pin Remover
6. Wrist Measuring Tool