Arachnophobia 'Gold Plated'

BHD 7,480.000

Designed by MB&F, Arachnophobia is as extreme as it comes… but the eye-catching three-dimensional sculpture is also an impeccably finished cum-table-clock-cum-wall-clock, engineered and manufactured by L’Epée 1839.

The spider’s body is outfitted with a black dome with white numerals depicting the hours and minutes. The head houses the regulator with its oscillating balance wheel, while the other end contains the mainspring barrel, which powers the movement.
Attached to the abdomen are eight legs articulated where they join the body by ball-and-socket joints.

The legs can be rotated so that Arachnophobia can stand tall or splayed flat. A third position provides an optical treat for fans of large arachnids: the front legs can be moved forward while the six others maintain the standing position, an interesting and alarming posture that says, look out!

* Hours and minutes: curved hands rotate to indicate hours and minutes on a polished, central dome featuring MB&F’s signature numerals.

* L’Epée 1839 movement, designed and manufactured in-house
* Balance frequency: 18,000 bph / 2.5Hz
* Power reserve: 8 days
* 218 components and 11 jewels
* Incabloc shock protection system
* Mechanism in palladium-plated or gold-plated brass
* Key winding and time setting on underside of clock
* Movement finishing includes Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sand-blasting, circular and vertical satin finishing

Dimensions and weight
* Height (legs extended): 203 mm
* Clock diameter (legs flat): 405 mm
* Movement dimensions: 75.3 x 134.9 x 63.8 mm
* Weight: gold-plated version 1.96 kg; black version 0.98 kg