About PRJKT8

The PRJKT8 journey, where horological artistry meets personalized service.

Humble Beginnings

PRJKT8 stands as a beacon of innovation within Bahrain's timepiece landscape, presenting a novel concept watch boutique that spotlights the prowess of independent watchmakers. The genesis of its name is twofold: a playful venture ('projekt') infused with German linguistic homage, and '8', a numeral encapsulating the persistent eight-year odyssey to actualize a dream.

Veering from the expected, PRJKT8 prides itself on a boutique experience unlike any other in the Middle East. With a fervently committed team, our mission transcends mere transactions; we're here to foster a journey towards the perfect timepiece for each individual. Our expertise spans the full gamut of horological artistry, curating an eclectic collection that ranges from the accessible to the apex of independent haute horology.

Visionary Beginnings: The Founder's Journey.

The narrative of PRJKT8 is deeply entwined with its founder, Ali Mudara. Disenchanted with the rigidity of a finance career within Dubai's DIFC, Mudara's entrepreneurial spirit was kindled, leading him back to his roots in Bahrain. Securing a spot in the prestigious Moda Mall, the vision of PRJKT8 was set into motion. Beginning with an exclusive partnership with SEVENFRIDAY, Mudara's venture swiftly expanded, embracing a host of illustrious brands across a spectrum of price points, capturing the attention of the independent watchmaking elite such as MB&F, URWERK, H. Moser & Cie, among others.

Evolution of Excellence

PRJKT8 distinguishes itself by eschewing the typical sales-driven ethos of Middle Eastern watch boutiques. Instead, Mudara and his select team focus on understanding and fulfilling the unique desires of each client, educating and guiding them with unparalleled attention to detail. The ambiance of PRJKT8 is deliberately crafted to be a sanctuary for horology enthusiasts—a place where one can unwind, savor a cup of coffee, and commune over the shared passion for exquisite timepieces. Amidst this relaxed setting, Mudara is often a familiar presence, engaging with patrons and sharing the infectious zeal that serves as the cornerstone of PRJKT8.

Building upon its reputation for excellence and dedication to the art of timekeeping, PRJKT8 proudly expanded its boutique in 2023. This significant growth now showcases an impressive portfolio of over 20 distinguished watch brands, each hand-selected to represent the pinnacle of design and innovation. The expansion stands as a testament to PRJKT8's unwavering commitment to bring the finest selections of horological craftsmanship to connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, solidifying its position as a premier destination for luxury timepieces in the region. With this expansion, PRJKT8 continues to enrich its legacy, curating an unparalleled watch-buying experience for its discerning clientele.

What our partners have to say

Ali Mudara broke free the corporate world and followed his real passion with PRJKT8. That part clearly resonates with me. It is truly such a pleasure to collaborate with someone who loves watchmaking as much as us.

Maximilian Büsser CEO of MB&F

Watch attracted us to work with Ali and PRJKT8 is that it is built on passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Those values are similar to the ones we had since the beginning of the history of H. Moser & Cie.